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mapka okruhuThe track is situated in the northern part of the town on a slight southern slope. Ascending and descending on this slope gives the track a demanding and attractive character.

The racing machines are parked in the garage. The garage is situated in very nice place. This environment is appreciated for its tranquillity. The drivers can get ready for the races in a quiet place and after the race is finished they can rest here as well.

The beginning of the track is a downward slope that brings the drivers in to a densely populated part of town. After this passage the drivers must negotiate several unpleasant curves and hills on a narrow road enclosed by houses on both sides. After this they can rest during a long climb with several wide curves. This ends in another technical curve. Then the drivers descend to the finish line.

To lower the speed chicanes are placed immediately after the start and the finish lines. These help to increase the demanding technical character of the track.

In all parts of the track with the exception of the town part the audience has easy access to the race. Spectators can view the race in all of the more technically demanding places. This makes the race very attractive. It is also interesting for the attendants to visit the garage of the racing machines. They can closely see the often unique machines there.

Town Dvur Kralove nad Labem

Dvur Kralove is situated in the north east of the Czech Republic in the foothills of the Krkonose Mountains. The town was founded in the year 1270 and has a rich history. Many historical monuments have been preserved in the town and its surroundings. Dvur Kralove is well known for the so called Rukopis kralovedvorsky, a manuscript that had an important impact on the development of the Czech nation. However its authenticity has been disputed to this day. The town also has a rich industrial tradition based mainly on the textile and machinery industry.

Dvur Kralove nad Labem is renowned for its ZOO as well. There is also a safari with free-range animals. At the beginning of the year 1998 a new pavilion was opened with free-flying exotic birds.

Among the important monuments in the surroundings of Dvur Kralove are:

  • The baroque hospital Kuks with an apothecary museum and an excellent collection of statues from M. B. Braun
  • Bethlehem - a complex of statues from M. B. Braun located in the open air.
  • The airport Zirec that offers flights over the town and its surroundings.
  • A historical fortification with an extensive network of underground tunnels in Jaromer - Josefov.
  • The town of Horice v Podkrkonosi is known for its sculpting school. This school was attended by many outstanding Czech and European sculptors - in memory of them there are a number of statues all over the town and in the town gallery.
  • The medieval castle Pecka with its collection of historical artifacts.
  • Jewel treasury - an exhibition of precious and semiprecious stones in Nova Paka.
  • Gallery of antique art in Hostinne - an extensive collection of statues.

Dvur Kralove nad Labem can also serve as a starting point for trips to other attractive places for tourists - Bohemian Paradise with a lot of historical monuments and natural sites of remarkable character, Krkonose - the largest Czech mountains or Orlicke hory with its beautiful surrounding landscape, or for a journey to Poland via many close border crossings.

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